The place to begin

when hunting for the world’s

biggest asshole

For a Bounty Hunter, you got dedication to get this far.
I don’t know if you think KA is guilty or innocent
but I’m telling you now - guilty as sin.
It’s all going to come out - his megalomania - quest for power. And i’m talking power beyond what a humble bounty hunter can imagine. So - murdering Linda - no big deal for him. What he did to me…
We will get to that later.
I made this website to help connect the big dots. As we get to know each other and you EARN MY trust, we will get better acquainted. I’ve already given you Chuck the Hammer’s little bank visit.
So in further good faith, see below the intercept from KA and a high ranking Chinese offical.

I don’t know what he is up to. But hey, you’re the Bounty Hunter. So go. Hunt.

Hope your Chinese is good. Don’t forget to Kiss the dragon.


I'm also keeping tabs on the cops assigned to K.A's case - I pulled this out of Inspector Borg's recycling bin.